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Why Our Knee Brace?

Suffering from pain in the knee or wanting to prevent a knee injury from happening can be bothersome if not taken care of properly. In cases of knee pains, these may worsen if not addressed well.

A knee brace is an important tool when nursing an injury or preventing one from happening.

Knee Brace Australia provides carrier products that will help you relieve pressure on the knee area and improve caution against injuries.

Many are now looking into the option of buying their own knee braces because they see this as a practical way for improving knee conditions.

At Knee Brace Australia, our goal is to provide our customers the satisfaction each of us are expecting for what we have paid for. For a more detailed specifications of our knee braces, please check out here.

“This compression knee brace really works for me! I’ve gained weight and I am now doing some physical exercises to lose some, but I was worried I might injure myself as well as having felt some pains in the joints. I’m grateful that I can work through the workouts without worries when I do exercises. Thanks!”


Simple Compression Knee Brace

Buy Knee Brace Online in Australia

About Our Knee Brace

With our great selection of ergonomic knee braces in Australia made available for you to buy online with fast and free shipping, you can now purchase with ease. A knee brace will not only relief and protection but also free you from worry from any untoward injury. Check out more of the benefits of using our knee braces below:

Ergonomically designed to promote correct knee movement to prevent injury;

Relieves muscle and joint pain, stiffness and soreness;

Extra support provided on the muscles and joint in the knee enhance blood circulation;

Adjustable straps can secure the knee brace in place according to your comfort;

High-quality material that is lightweight and breathable, and can also absorb sweat and moisture, so that you are protected from skin irritation; and

Suitable for outdoor activities such as basketball, football, volleyball, cycling.


Here Are Some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Shipping and Delivery – How Long Will It Take to Receive My Item(s)?

We have warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, so that we can ship our (product) to you as soon as possible no matter where you live in Australia. The vast majority of customers receive their items within five (5) business days. For more info check out Free Shipping Page.

What If I Need to Return My Item(s)?

If you decide you don’t want the item, you have up to 15 days to return it for a refund. You simply just cover the cost of postage back to us. You can read more about this on our Returns Page.

How Do I Contact You?

We have live chat on our site between 9am and 5pm Australian Time or you can send us an email or simply visit our Contact Page.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that our products will make you happy and that our customer service will be second to none. We also pride ourselves on being the largest supplier of these products in Australia. Any issues, please get in touch, either through our live chat, or the Contact Page and we will make sure we do what we can to make you a happy customer.

Patella Strap Knee Brace Support

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Item(s)?

We have warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, so that we can ship our (product) to you ASAP no matter where you live in Australia. The vast majority of customers receive their items within five (5) business days.

The Time Frame for Order Delivery is Divided Into Two (2) Parts:

(1) Processing Time: This includes order verification, quality check, and packaging. All orders are sent to our warehouse for dispatch within 24 hours after the order is placed. The warehouse processes the orders, which takes 1 to 2 days.

(2) Shipping Time: This refers to the time it takes for items to be shipped from our warehouse to your door. After processing and leaving the warehouse, items usually take 5 days to arrive at their destination but can take longer or shorter depending on the courier from time to time.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping is always free for customers in Australia. International customers are responsible for shipping fees, extra duties, and fees.

Where Can I Track My Item(s)?

We don’t have a customer-facing tracking system in place at this time for some orders under $50 as we use economical logistics, but we are working towards making that happen. Tracking numbers will be sent with the order note and we usually use Australia Post or Fastway.

What If I Don’t Receive My Item(s)?

While most of our Australian customers receive their items quickly, mistakes do happen. If you are an Australian customer and do not receive your order within 10 business days, simply contact us.

I Messed Up My Delivery Address, What Do I Do?

Not to worry. As long as you contact us within 2 hours of placing your order regarding the error in your address, we can change it for you. Just email us your full, correct address along with your order number and we can update your details.

Please note well, however, that once an order has been sent out from our warehouse, changes to the order cannot be made.

I Messed Up My Billing Address, What Do I Do?

Billing addresses are currently not editable. This is to prevent the risk of fraud.

Returns, Exchanges & Refunds Policies

I Don’t Like My Item, Can I Return It? You can return your item within 15 days of your receiving the item. For a refund, all returns must be in perfect condition, and the return postage must be paid by the customer. Please email us proof of postage for a refund. For more information on returns, exchanges, and refunds, please read our Refund Policy.

My Item is Damaged, Defective, or Doesn’t Match the Description, Can I Return It? If your item is damaged, defective, or doesn’t match the description, you are eligible for a reshipment of the item or a full refund. To claim the reshipment or refund, please email us a clear photo of the item showing that it is damaged, defective, or doesn’t match the description.

We are not responsible for damages caused by wear and tear, submergence into water, or sizing differences.

How Long Do Refunds Take?

Refunds take up to 3 – 5 working days, depending on the method you used to pay for your items.
Please email us immediately if you have not received your refund after 7 working days. If possible, please provide us with any screenshots of the transaction, as this will speed up our investigation.

Other Concerns

If you have any other questions not answered here, please Contact Us here.

Knee Brace Australia

Why Get A Knee Brace?

Knee braces can ergonomically support kneecaps and the immediate areas surrounding it to prevent the occurrence of any injury. They do this by securing the knee area while reducing pressure and impact when performing strenuous activities. Typically, this is to be worn during waking hours or for specific activities.

The overall stability of the knee is one of the primary benefits of wearing a knee brace. In the event of an injury, pain relief and healing is facilitated by restricting movement in some points while maintaining flexibility where needed.

The materials that knee braces are made with are lightweight and of high-quality, so that they provide comfortable and breathable protection. You don’t need to worry about getting irritated because of sweating and moisture as knee braces are sweat-absorbent.

For pain relief and injury support, a knee brace is a great companion for any moving activity.

Caring for Your Knee Brace

Usually, knee braces are worn directly on your skin so frequent maintenance is important. Knee braces made with fabric material can be cleaned with mild soap. Air drying is most ideal for these products so prevent deformation. Make sure that all soap and dirt residues are removed and that the brace is completely dry before wearing.

For more rigid knee braces, wiping them with damp cloth followed by a dry one afterward can help make sure that they are safe and clean to wear. If the hinges start to squeak, a small amount of dry lubricant can be applied to loosen them.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of knee braces differs according to the material and area in the knee that is needed to be target. It is important to note that buying one will surely provide the pain relief and protection for your knee in any strenuous activity. The convenience that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!

Simple Compression Knee Brace_IMG3

What is A Knee Brace?

A knee brace is a support that can be worn when there is a pain in the knee. It can also be used to prevent injuries for strenuous activities like sports or to limit movement when recovering from a knee injury. What it usually does is take the pressure off the part of the joint that is most affected and help relieve pain.

We have a great selection of knee braces that you can choose from based on your personal preference in terms of material and the amount of support it can do for a target area in the knee. The list includes but is not limited to the following: simple compression knee brace, gel silicone knee support brace, knee joint support brace lift booster, and patella strap knee brace support.

Common Features of Knee Braces

Specific knee braces can be worn for different reasons. Generally, pain relief and knee injury prevention are the primary reasons for wanting to wear one. If recovering from an injury, a brace that can provide a slow, limited movement to gradually regain range of motion is ideal. Also available are knee braces that can reduce pain and inflammation. Our knee braces are made with different materials that will suit your preference and comfort. They are available in different sizes and colours.

Simple Compression Knee Brace. Made using 3D weaving technology resulting in a soft, high elastic, breathable material that will prevent further strain. Available in different colours.

Gel Silicone Knee Support Brace. Consists of an outer, breathable, perforated mesh and an inner layer of quick-drying, sweat-absorbent fabric, and with a silicone patella cushion.

Knee Joint Support Brace Lift Booster. Works by buffering impact force, relieve patellar pressure and fatigue-caused wearing of the knee.

Patella Strap Knee Brace Support. Dual adjustable straps ensure maximum comfort to relieve aches and pains for any kneecap-related injury.

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